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Self Defense Seminars

Realistic Self Defense


Are you looking for a FUN and EFFECTIVE way to STAY SAFE? Do you have limited time? Are you part of a group who could benefit from self defense training? Look no further, your search is over!

The FH Defense self-defense seminars are customized to meet your exact needs. We work closely with a wide range of entities including groups of friends, large and small employers, wellness groups, security companies, churches, schools, and various other organizations providing them with solutions to meet each of their particular goals.

2-Hour Self-Defense Seminars, Chico, CA

Are you looking to improve your self-defense skills and protect yourself in any situation? Join us for one of our 2-hour Self Defense Seminars designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to stay safe and defend yourself.

Our seminars cover critical aspects of self-defense, including situational awareness and conflict avoidance strategies, as well as physical skills such as standing and ground fighting techniques.

We recommend taking Tier 1 first, followed by Tier 2  and 3. Tier 1 sets the stage for your physical training. However, we know life and busy schedules can be difficult to navigate, therefore it is ok to take the courses out of order if necessary or you want to refresh just one area of focus. 

Tier 1: Classroom Session

A 2-hour classroom session covering legal aspects of self-defense, de-escalation, conflict avoidance, pre-fight indicators, predator behavior, situational awareness and what violence is in general. This portion will frame your mindset for the physical training of Tier 2 and Tier 3. 


Sun 02/18/24 12 pm - 2 pm (co-ed) 

Sun 04/14/24 12 pm - 2 pm (co-ed)


Tier 2: Standing Self-Defense

Two hours of standing self-defense training. Starting with proper stance and footwork we will develop a principle-based foundation to attacks from a standing position (front/back) including punches, grabs, and chokes.


Sun 02/04/24 12 pm - 2 pm (women only)

Sun 03/03/24 12 pm - 2 pm (co-ed)


Tier 3: Ground Self-Defense

Two hours of ground self-defense training. During this two-hour session we will teach you how to defend yourself on the ground, especially with an attacker on top of you. This course will include getting out from underneath an attacker who is on top, getting back to your feet, blocking punches and defending against chokes.


Sat 02/17/24 9 am - 11 am (co-ed)

Sat 03/02/24 9 am - 11 am (women only)

Sat 04/13/24 9 am - 11 am (co-ed)


Don't miss this opportunity to improve your personal safety, gain the confidence you need to protect yourself in any situation and to become harder to kill. 

What do you cover?

Our classes range from basic self-defense for individuals to customized programs for corporations, and are designed to suit the needs of each client. Below are some examples of what we cover.


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No matter if you have a private group of friends, a business, etc…we can help you stay safe with a special event customized to meet YOUR needs!

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